Recent Client Engagements

Princeton HR Insight has had a great year with nearly all of our clients returning for additional work after the initial engagement, expanded partnerships, and geographic growth. Recent client work includes:

Large public pharmaceutical (New York City / Philadelphia)

  • Capabilities, organizational design, voice of customer interviews and survey

Large private physician service organization (Dallas / Houston)

  • Board, C-Suite, senior executive and middle management level leadership assessments (Hogan), coaching, team effectiveness, integration support

Large private non-profit (New York City)

  • C-Suite 360-degree reviews, C-Suite leadership assessment (Hogan) and coaching

Large public manufacturing company (Princeton)

  • Compliance - policy manuel

Large university (New York City)

  • Established a coaching program for leadership students

Mid-size public network communications company (Chicago)

  • Talent strategy design and execution, C-Suite leadership assessment (Hogan), organizational design, team assessment (DISC)

Mid-size private data and media company (State College)

  • Strategic assessment of HR function, mature processes, enable HR talent

Mid-size public chemical company (Baltimore)

  • Design and deliver org design training, facilitate multi-day annual leadership team meeting, team effectiveness, HR thought partner

Growing private network infastructure company (Chicago)

  • Senior executive-level leadership assessment for selection (Hogan)

Mid-size private integrated service solutions provider (Montreal)

  • Compliance- policy manuel

Growing private manufacturing company (Philadelphia)

  • Senior executive-level leadership assessments for selection (Hogan)

Start-up private biotech company (Princeton)

  • Compliance- policy manual, sales force onboarding

Start-up private non-profit (New York City)

  • Team effectiveness