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DISC Assessments for Engagement & Team Effectiveness


Princeton HR Insight LLC is a multi-faceted HR consulting firm with a strong reputation for providing insights on people and developing comprehensive plans to accelerate leadership and organizational performance.


We are proud to feature DISC facilitations as a complement to our suite of team effectiveness offerings. We've been seeing an increase in demand for DISC from

clients looking to engage remote team members, improve team communication and increase productivity. It can be done as a stand-alone activity or as a part of broader leadership initiatives.



DISC is a leading behavioral assessment that helps individuals understand who they are and how best to interact with others. It's simple, yet informative and actionable.


Participants build self-awareness and knowledge of other behavioral styles to:

  • Create a common language of individual and group preferences
  • Increase understanding and engagement amongst the team
  • Capitalize on strengths of individual and group styles
  • Leverage understanding of communication preferences when sharing information, making decisions, and solving problems
  • Enhance teamwork, individual development, selection, and retention


The Experience:

We have expert facilitators with deep knowledge in the tool and breadth of practice working with a variety of teams and across industries. Bryan Price ( and Ann Mokris ( are energetic and insightful professionals skilled at creating a learning environment of trust, high engagement, and fun!



What We Offer:

2-hour and 4-hour options available. Each includes:

  1. Pre-Session Call
    • Consult with the leader(s) to get a sense of culture and context for the team and the broader organization. We discuss why DISC, why now, and desired expectations to customize an impactful experience.
    • Administration of the DISC assessment and overview of the workshop
  2. Design and facilitation of a custom session
    • Includes how to interpret individual reports, the team report, and application
  3. Post Session Call
    • Follow-up meeting with the leader(s) to discuss outcomes and reinforce strategies for turning insights into action.


To learn more, please contact us.

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