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Learn more about our new offering featuring Hogan as a leadership framework
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Hogan As a Leadership Framework


In 2021, Princeton HR Insight will share best practices from our partners and clients in a new leadership series called 'Mindset Shifts' designed to help people leaders and HR create opportunities for their organizations.

Hogan, the global leader in personality assessments used to predict workplace performance, and Princeton HR Insight LLC, have partnered to create a development program called Hogan As a Leadership Framework.


This program is designed to help leaders understand themselves and others along key dimensions tied to culture and motivation, everyday leadership, and tendencies under stress. Participants will build new skills by working through a case study, hearing real-life examples, and sharing best practices. They will then reflect and create a plan to turn insights into action.

We are proud to feature Trish Kellett, Hogan's Coaching Network Director, discussing highlights of the program: Click to watch


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